We make fresh egg pasta daily from Culinary Oil organic flours, organic semolina, and Pristine Farm eggs. 

RETAIL: We sell a wide variety of pastas everyday at the shop. Below we list an example of the pastas we make. If you want a specific pasta, please call 24 hours in advance.

WHOLESALE: Find us at Oryana Natural Foods, Burritt’s Market, Edson Farm’s and 9 Bean Rows.

If you are interested in wholesaling our pasta, please email us at, call 231-421-1218, or come by the shop and ask for Janene.

Eggless pasta and rice pasta upon request

Call for prices and further information

Cooking Time: 2 minutes on all pasta, 1 minute for Tagliatelle

Long Pasta

Tagliatelle — extra thin flat pasta

Fettuccine — flat pasta, long strands, 1/4 inch wide

Pappardelle — flat pasta, long strands, 3/4 inch wide

Spaghetti — long, thin, cylindrical pasta

Spaghettoni — long, thicker than spaghetti, cylindrical pasta

Bucatini — long, 1/4 inch or so diameter, pasta tubes

Short Extruded Pasta

Rigatoni — short, large round tubes with texture

Fusilli — corkscrew pasta

Creste di gallo — macaroni shape with cockscomb ridge, textured tube

Gemelli — S-shaped strand, twisted into a spiral

Gnocchetti di Sardi — little open shells with texture


Meat, vegetable or cheese options available 

Potato Gnocchi

Potato and flour dumplings