We make fresh egg pasta daily from Ferris organic flours, organic semolina, and Nature’s Acres eggs. 

RETAIL: We sell a wide variety of pastas everyday at the shop. Below we list an example of the pastas we make. If you want a specific pasta, please call 24 hours in advance.

WHOLESALE: Find us at Oryana Natural Foods, Burritt’s Market, and this summer at the Sara Hardy Downtown Farmers Market

If you are interested in wholesaling our pasta, please email us at, call 231-421-1218, or come by the shop and ask for Janene.

Eggless pasta and rice pasta upon request

Call for prices and further information

Cooking Time: 2 minutes on all pasta, 1 minute for Tagliatelle

Long Pasta

Tagliatelle — extra thin flat pasta

Fettuccine — flat pasta, long strands, 1/4 inch wide

Pappardelle — flat pasta, long strands, 3/4 inch wide

Spaghetti — long, thin, cylindrical pasta

Spaghettoni — long, thicker than spaghetti, cylindrical pasta

Bucatini — long, 1/4 inch or so diameter, pasta tubes

Short Extruded Pasta

Rigatoni — short, large round tubes with texture

Fusilli — corkscrew pasta

Creste di gallo — macaroni shape with cockscomb ridge, textured tube

Gemelli — S-shaped strand, twisted into a spiral

Gnocchetti di Sardi — little open shells with texture


Meat, vegetable or cheese options available 

Potato Gnocchi

Potato and flour dumplings