Grilled Bratwurst - $10

Brat, saurkraut, spicy mustard on a brioche bun

Grilled Chicken - $11

Calabrese and herb marinated thigh, pesto aioli, tomato, arugula on ciabatta

Cuban - $12

House smoked ham and pork loin, gruyere cheese, dijon aioli, pickles on ciabatta

Halloumi Flatbread - $11

Grilled halloumi cheese, sundried tomato tahini spread, kale pine nut relish, greeens, flatbread

Mufaletta - $11

Mortadella and sopressata, provalone, dijon aioli, olive relish on ciabatta


Tagliatelle - $10

Classic tomato sauce

Rigatoni - $14

Beef ragu

Creste Di Gallo - $10

With basil pesto and pecorino

Bucatini All'amatriciana - $13

Spicy guanciale tomato sauce

Ravioli - $14

Filled with prosciutto and mortadella tossed in tomato cream sauce

Lasagna - $12

Fresh pasta layered with beef ragu, bechemel and parmesan served with dressed greens

Other Dishes

Cup Of Soup - $4.50

White bean and squash, pureed, served with yogurt

Savory Tart - $10

Smoked turkey, red pepper, collard greens, gruyere served with dressed greens

Salad - $8

Bibb lettuce, raddicchio, pear, gorgonzola and balsamic vinaigrette

Deli Salad Trio - $10

Your choice of three salads from the case, with bread

Butcher's Lunch - $14

Blood and toulouse sausages, country pate, chicken liver mousse, mustard, fig jam, pickles and rye bread