Turkey - $12

Smoked turkey, toma cheese, honey mustard, pickled onion, aioli on ciabatta

Cuban - $12

Smoked ham, gruyere cheese, pickles, dijon aioli, on ciabatta

Brisket - $12

Fontina, giardiniera, aioli on ciabatta

Muffaletta - $11

Mortadella, sopressata, provolone, olive pepper spread, dijon aioli on ciabatta

Falafel - $11

Butternut squash tahini spread, feta yogurt, pickled peppers, grilled flatbread


Rigatoni - $14

Braised beef ragu

Tagliatelle - $10

Tomato sauce

Fettuccine - $13

Shiitake and oyster mushrooms, leeks, thyme and cream

Ravioli - $14

Squash ravioli tossed in brown butter and sage

Cannelloni - $12

Sweet sausage, spinach, ricotta, grana and tomato sauce

Lasagna - $12

Spinach, ricotta, eggplant tomato ragu, mozzarella; served with greens

Other Dishes

Soup Of The Day -$4

Lentil tomato soup

Savory Tart - $10

Cabbage, onion, potato, garlic, bufala cheese; served with dressed greens

Half Chicken And Fries - $14

Butcher's Lunch - $14

Lamb merguez and Toulouse sausages, Pate Grandmere, corned beef tongue, pickles, mustard, bread

Side Of Greens - $4.50

French Fries With Aioli - $5