Sausage On A Bun, Choose One -$8

Beef Frank with yellow mustard and onion

Italian Sausage with Giardinera

Falafel - $11

Beet feta spread, tahini yogurt, pickled peppers, radish, greens on flatbread

Roast Beef - $12

White cheddar, pickled peppers, greens, aioli on ciabatta - served cold

Turkey - $12

House smoked turkey, provalone, spinach pesto, aioli, pickled red onion on ciabatta

Cuban - $12

Ham, gruyere, pickles, dijon aioli on ciabatta


Tagliatelle - $10

Classic tomato sauce

Rigatoni- $14

Beef and pork bolognese

Spring Pasta - $12

Fusilli with asparagus, leeks, lemon zest, mint and cream

Fettuccine - $13

Swiss chard, yellow tomato, pancetta

Lasagna Bolognese - $12

Bolognese sauce, bechemel, parmesan; served with dressed greens

Gnocchi - $13

Potato gnocchi tossed with tomato sauce and basil

Other Dishes

Savory Tart -$10

Speck, rapini, mozzarella, shiitake mushrooms; served with dressed greens

Butcher's Lunch - $14

Beef Frank, toulouse, Corned beef tongue, chicken liver mousse, pickles, mustard, bread

Salad Trio - $10

Your choice of 3 salads from the case and ciabatta bread

Caesar Salad - $7

Side Of Any Deli Salad - $3.50

Side Of Fries - $5