Brisket -$12

Slow roasted brisket, fontina, giardinera, aioli on ciabatta

Falafel - $11

Beet-feta spread, tahini-yogurt, radish, pickled peppers, greens on flatbread

Turkey - $12

House smoked turkey, chive-almond pesto, toma cheese, pickled peppers, aioli on ciabatta

Cuban - $12

House smoked ham, dijon aioli, pickles, gruyere, on ciabatta

Banh Mi - $11

Chicken liver mousse, country pate, pickled carrots, peppers, radish, cilantro and aioli on ciabatta


Tagliatelle - $10

Classic tomato sauce

Rigatoni- $14

Braised beef ragu

Gemelli - $13

Asparagus, arugula, lemon zest, cream

Fettuccine - $12

Mint chive pistachio pesto, garnished with goat cheese

Gnocchi- $12

Tossed in chive butter

Ravioli - $14

Pea ravioli in peas, prosciutto, lemon, butter

Other Dishes

Scotch Egg - $10

Soft boiled egg wrapped in sausage, breaded, deep fried, served with greens

Soup Of The Day - $4

Tomato spinach soup

Salad Trio - $10

Choice of 3 salads and ciabatta bread

Butcher's Lunch - $14

Braunschwager, Country pate, chicken liver mousse, porchetta, with pickles, bread and mustard

Savory Tart - $10

Kale, prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato; served with dressed greens