Lunch Menu


Bratwurst - $10

Grilled bratwurst, hot and sweet mustard, saurkraut on a bun

Banh Mi - $11

Chicken liver mousse, country paté, jalapeño, cilantro, pickled carrot and radish, aioli, on baguette

Tomato And Taleggio - $11

Heirloom tomato with tomato aioli, taleggio, & arugula open-faced on focaccia

Smoked Turkey - $11

Smoked turkey with kimchi with arugula and cilantro aioli on a baguette

Porchetta With Salsa Verde - $12

Roasted porchetta, salsa verde and arugula on a baguette

Piadine - $8

Grilled flatbread with prosciutto and herbed goat cheese served with an arugula salad


Tagliatelle - $8

With tomato sauce & basil

Rigatoni - $12

Tossed with pork ragu

Fettuccine - $12

Tossed with mushroom ragu

Alice Waters' Fusilli With Greens And Sausage - $14

Fusilli tossed with swiss chard and fennel sausage - %10 donated to Groundwork Center's Farm to School Program and Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard Project

Gnocchi- $10

Potato gnocchi tossed in tomato sauce

Lasagna - $12

Pork ragu, bechemel and grana layered with fresh pasta and baked

Other Dishes

Calzone - $9

Filled with chard, ricotta, tomato and fontina

Butcher's Lunch - $13

Butcher’s selection of sausages, paté, & bread with condiments

Soup Of The Day - $6 12 Oz Bowl/$3 6 Oz Cup

Tomato chick pea stew

Side Salad - $3.50

Choice of a deli salad from the case

Deli Salad Trio - $9

Choice of three deli salads from the case, served with bread