Lunch Menu


Banh Mi - $11

Country pate, chicken liver mousse, pickled carrots, fresh radish, cilantro, aioli, baguette

Pastrami - $13

House smoked pastrami with gruyere cheese and whole grain mustard on rye

Muffaletta - $10

Mortadella, soppressata, coppa, provolone, and spicy olive relish on a baguette

Fish Tacos (3)- $9

Crispy fried walleye, salsa macha, cabbage, creamy cucumber and onion on flour tortillas


Tagliatelle - $8

Classic tomato sauce

Rigatoni - $14

Pork ragu antica

Fettuccini - $11

Caramelized red onion, gorgonzola cream, walnuts

Fusilli - $12

Pancetta, tomato, onion, chilis

Potato Gnocchi - $10

Pecorino cream sauce

Other Dishes

Savory Tart -$9

Prosciutto, gorgonzola, walnut, onion

Soup Of The Day, Cup - $4 Bowl - $7

Chickpea, tomato, kale

Butcher's Lunch - $13

Chef's choice of sausages, pate, chicken liver mousse, assorted condiments and toasted rye bread