Banh Mi - $11

Country pate, chicken liver mousse, pickled carrots and peppers, cilantro, aioli on ciabatta

Cuban - $12

House smoked ham, gruyere cheese, pickles, dijon aioli on ciabatta

Brisket - $12

With fontina, aioli, and caramelized onion on ciabatta

Andouille Sausage - $11

Caper remoulade, gruyere, giardinara on ciabatta

Falafel - $11

Squash tahini spread, pickled peppers, yogurt, greens, radish on flatbread


Tagliatelle - $10

Classic tomato sauce

Rigatoni - $14

With Pork Bolognese

Fusilli - $14

Merguez sausage, frisee and tomato

Cacio E Pepe - $12

Spaghetti with pecorino cheese and black pepper

Fettuccine - $12

Kale and pine nut pesto, garnished with goat cheese

Ravioli - $14

Filled with brisket and tossed with shiitake mushrooms, butter and thyme

Lasagna - $12

Kale, frisee, roasted peppers, ricotta, pecorino, mozzarella, tomato; served with dressed greens

Other Things

Soup Of The Day - $4

Sweet potato-carrot soup, served with bread

Butcher's Lunch - $14

Toulouse and Italian sausages, chicken liver mousse, pork pate, pickled things, mustard, bread

Savory Tart - $10

Ham, turkey, mozzarella, ricotta, sundried tomato; served with dressed greens

Rabbit Pot Pie - $12

Stewed rabbit with collard greens and tomatoes served with dressed greens